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Celebrating Native-American Heritage Month (and Our Frontline Healthcare Workforce)

Every November, in recognizing the many significant contributions of the first Americans, we celebrate Native-American Heritage Month.

In 1990, President George H.W. Bush approved the designation of November as National American Indian Heritage Month, which was then proclaimed Native-American Heritage Month in 1994 and every year since. American Indian Day was established in 1916, following Red Fox James, a Blackfoot Indian, having ridden horseback from state-to-state in seeking approval for the designation.

Starting on Thursday, Nov. 12, a series of webinars will launch in celebrating Native Americans, but also in educating and building awareness for their numerous contributions. First up, Alexandra Harris, the co-author of Why We Serve: Native-Americans in the United States Armed Forces, will discuss the warrior stereotypes and remarkable traditions and joint-peace of American Indian communities. Six days later, on Nov. 18, educators can gather for ‘Native Communities and the Vote: Teaching about American Indian Voting Rights Through Documents’, which will aim to promote the incorporation of sources and material to teach voting rights and promote participation. The next day, on Nov. 19, people can partake in two-different streaming presentations, ‘Youth in Action: Conversations About Our Future – Indigenous Food Sovereignty’ (teaching about traditional food sources and the importance of sustainable foods), as well as a webcast from the Smithsonian, ‘Social Studies Online: Native-American Heritage Month’, which will explore social topics via museum resources.

At MedPro International, we have placed hundreds of essential frontline nurses at various Indian Reservations throughout the country, particularly in the Western party. We value our nurses and allied professionals and the care they provide to deserving Native-Americans and their countless contributions to shaping this country.

For more information regarding NAHM, visit: and, for more about the NCAI.

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