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Personal Journey Guide

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Personal Journey Guide

Ongoing Support

Throughout your employment with MedPro, your Personal Journey Guide will be maintaining regular contact with you to ensure that you are feeling comfortable in your new community and are acclimating well to your job.

Your PJG will discuss and document your long-term goals in a Personal Development Plan that will be shared with you. Your Personal Development Plan will help MedPro provide you with a rewarding employment experience. Your PJG is also your point of contact for continuing education and CEU reimbursements.
Ongoing support is also provided in many other ways.

Our Clinical Nurse Liaisons will help ensure that you are leveraging your new skills and continuing to provide excellent patient care at your U.S. healthcare facility. If you need special attention in one area of clinical training, a nurse liaison will work with you to perfect those skills.

Our Human Resources Department will answer questions regarding your employee benefits, including group insurance.

Our Payroll Department is responsible for getting you paid accurately and timely each week. You will be assigned a Payroll Guide for all timesheet and payroll questions.

Our Credentialing Department will work with you to ensure your professional certifications and other employment-related credentials remain current so you have no issues practicing your profession.

Our Relocation Department will provide you with housing options in your new assignment area. They will also provide you with resources and guidance to help you feel comfortable in your community. The team will help you find schools for your children in the area, and ensure you know where to find some important locations such as churches or other places of worship, banks, and grocery stores.

Learn With MedPro University

You will continue to learn through our proprietary education system, MedProU® during and after orientation in our Sunrise, Florida office.

During orientation, you will work with our U.S. based educators who will prepare you for a successful life and rewarding career in the U.S.  through participation in comprehensive clinical and U.S. assimilation training. Our team of MedProU® instructors will educate you about critical life skills such as driving in the U.S., purchasing a vehicle, preparing your individual budget, and signing a lease on your new home. Once you complete orientation, our educators including our Clinical Nurse Liaisons will always be a resource to assist you with clinical training needed to perfect your skill set.

Discover The MedPro Experience®

Now that you are an official MedPro Explorer, we welcome you to indulge in The MedPro Experience®, our one-of-a-kind employee engagement program that drives outstanding customer service and rewards your journey with MedPro.

Your MedPro Experience® Guide’s main goal is to ensure your satisfaction during your time with MedPro. You will meet your MedPro Experience® Guide during orientation and will be treated to your first Warm Welcome Package. While in orientation you will participate in fun activities both in and out of the office including bowling, karaoke, and team building events. Once you deploy to your assignment, your MedPro Experience® Guide will be monitoring your satisfaction and rewarding you along the way. From tickets to concerts and sporting events to birthday and holiday gifts, The MedPro Experience® Team will surprise and delight you every step of the way. Check out some of the YOUnique Adventures your fellow Explorers have experienced!

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13 in 13 DIY Challenge

All MedPro Explorers are invited to participate in MedPro’s 13in13 DIY Challenge! This program gives you the opportunity to earn money by visiting, shopping, and eating at 13 different locations of your choice in your new community! Each attraction you visit will earn you $13—that’s up to $169! When you complete the 13in13 DIY Challenge, you’ll also be automatically entered into our Ultimate Explorer Raffle and have a chance at winning $500!

Kathleen - Memphis, TN
Arianne - San Francisco,CA
Raquel - San Antonio, TX
Nikka - Hyattsville, MD
Mario Carlo -
Alamogordo, NM
Grace - Laredo, TX
Robert - Tallahassee, FL
Feby - Detroit, MI
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Friends Inside the U.S.

Earn $500 per referral!

If you know a Registered Nurse or Allied Healthcare Professional living in the U.S. that is ready to start a new career venture, refer them to MedPro Healthcare Staffing and earn $500 for each person that joins our team! Whether you’ve worked for MedPro, are a current MedPro employee, or are simply a MedPro supporter, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer. Start referring today and begin earning extra cash now!

Friends Outside the U.S.

Earn up to $2,500 per referral!

Do you know a Registered Nurse, Therapist or Medical Technologist living outside the U.S. looking to fulfill their American Dream? If so, refer them to MedPro International and earn up to $2,500 for each person that joins our team! Whether you’ve worked for MedPro, are a current MedPro employee, or are simply a MedPro supporter, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer. Start referring today and begin earning!

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