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Healthcare Jobs Jump by 75K in August

The healthcare industry, for obvious reasons, has been booming this summer, which was apparent in the most-recent monthly report by the Bureau of Labor. Physician offices added over 27,0000 employees, dentists, 22,000, followed by hospitals (14,000) and home-based health care, at 12,000.

As of the end of August, health services have seen 147,000 new jobs filled. The industry previously saw 358,000 jobs added in June, as well as another 126,000 in July. As a whole, unemployment numbers fell to 8.4% in August, down from a staggering 14.7% peak in April.

What This Means for the Staffing Industry

Healthcare jobs, including both travel nursing and allied health positions, are beginning to rise to levels similar to that of pre-pandemic levels. In fact, the industry grew to 15.8 million employed, just shy of where it was last year, at 16.3 million. Active hospital employee numbers are still shy of where they were last year. Specifically, there are currently around 46,000 open spots. Although filling these needs may seem daunting, MedPro is here to help.

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We are Here to Help You Meet Your Staffing Needs!

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