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Helping Raise Awareness to Promote a Future Without Cancer on ‘World Cancer Day’

Anyone can help promote and encourage awareness of Cancer and the early detection, prevention and treatment of the disease, but today is extra special, as it is spotlighted each year, since 2000, as part of World Cancer Day.

The observance was founded by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and includes activities, missions, volunteerism, learning and other global strategies to help raise awareness for specific types of cancers and promoting and funding a cure.

In its 21st year of operation, World Cancer Day will culminate its three-year campaign in 2021, ‘I Am and I Will’. The campaign calls for impact and togetherness, as all of our actions matter.

Take the World Cancer Day ‘I Will’ 21-Day Challenge

The process is simple. You choose one of five challenges and, after signing up, you will receive daily activities, inspiration and lessons or prompts to fulfill your ‘I Am and I Will’ commitment.

The five challenges are as follows: I Will Focus on my Health, I Will Support Someone I Know with Cancer, I Will Speak Up About Cancer, I Will Get Informed About Cancer and I Will Help Eliminate Cervical Cancer.

  1. Focus on My Health: Daily challenges centered on embracing moving and exercise, eating healthy and living well.
  2. Support Someone with Cancer: Inspiration and meaningful daily challenges to help care with someone you may know who has the disease.
  3. Speak Up About Cancer: Prompts and daily challenges to become an advocate for supporting research and promoting policy changes to combat cancer. A great way to help raise awareness is wearing orange on February 4, taking a picture and posting it to social with, ‘#IAmandIWill’.
  4. Get Informed about Cancer: Daily lessons and challenges to help become more educated on how cancer impacts our communities and world.
  5. Eliminate Cervical Cancer: Guidance offered on a daily basis, challenging the raising awareness of a global strategy to help eliminate this specific form of cancer.

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