Learn How MedPro International Medical Technologists Can Benefit You!

MedPro International has recruited and successfully placed foreign-educated medical technologists in a variety of settings across the U.S., including one of the top laboratories in the world! MedPro International Medical Technologists can benefit your facility in many ways. Click on the link below to speak with one of our Account Managers to find out how they can benefit you!

Workforce Solution

MedPro International Medical Technologists can be contracted long-term with the option to transfer over to your employment, thereby filling core positions.

Exclusive Supply

MedPro International Medical Technologists are dedicated exclusively to MedPro’s clients. We have an extensive pipeline of highly-specialized overseas candidates allowing continuous availability and supply for you.

Flexible Workforce

MedPro International Medical Technologists possess a strong work ethic and are highly motivated to learn and grow. They are also very flexible and willing to work difficult-to-fill shifts and overtime.

Financially Beneficial

MedPro International Medical Technologists are charged at an all-inclusive bill rate. MedPro International handles all aspects of recruitment and licensure to deliver a qualified MedPro International Medical Technologist to your facility with no up-front costs.

Licensure & Immigration Provided With NO Cost To You

Our dedicated Licensure & Immigration Guides lead our foreign-educated medical technologists

through every step of the process to secure the necessary professional licensure and U.S. work authorization, at no cost to you!

MedPro University

Every MedPro International Medical Technologist is enrolled in our proprietary education program, MedProU®, where they undergo professional exam preparation and comprehensive clinical and U.S. assimilation training.

Medical technologists are registered into our Zenith program, where training and education are tailored to meet their specific needs. During training and education at MedProU®, MedPro International Medical Technologists are provided resources to prepare them for success with the ASCPi. Our team of educators also works with each to pass the English exam required for U.S. licensure and immigration. The clinical training that each medical technologist undergoes as part of the Zenith program helps to ensure they have a successful and rewarding career in the U.S. In addition, our in-house team of educators in Sunrise, Florida lead courses and certify each MedPro International Medical Technologist in BLS and other certifications required to work in the U.S.

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Ongoing Support To Ensure Success

MedPro International’s dedicated teams, partner with our clients to provide on-going support to ensure a mutually successful relationship for both you and the MedPro International Medical Technologist.

We take a personalized approach with each client to ensure we understand your culture and practices so that we can prepare our medical technologist to be successful within your organization. The following teams will be with you and the MedPro International Medical Technologist every step of the way.

Personal Journey Guides: Each MedPro International Medical Technologist is assigned a Personal Journey Guide as their primary contact throughout their employment with MedPro. The Personal Journey Guide maintains regular contact to ensure each MedPro International Medical Technologist is settling into their new community and acclimating well to the job. The Personal Journey Guide collaborates with the medical technologist to identify their long-term goals and documents them in their Personal Development Plan. The Personal Journey Guide routinely revisits these goals with the medical technologist to ensure they stay on track to accomplish their goals.

Human Resources: Our Human Resources Department is here to answer questions MedPro International Medical Technologists have regarding their employee benefits, including group insurance.

Payroll: Our Payroll Department is responsible for getting MedPro International Medical Technologists paid accurately and timely each week. A Payroll Guide is assigned to answer all timesheet and payroll questions the medical technologist may have.

Credentialing: Our Credentialing Department works with clients and MedPro International Medical Technologists to ensure professional certifications and other employment-related credentials remain current.

Relocation: When it is time for a MedPro International Medical Technologist to relocate to your facility, our Relocation Department assists with the process, including identifying and securing housing and providing resources and guidance to help each settle into their new community.

Accreditation and Recognition

MedPro International is a Joint Commission-Certified organization. We are a founding member and hold a current board position with the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment (AAIHR).

The organization is also registered with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA)-certified 120-LB-041012-R. MedPro Healthcare Staffing has also been recognized as a winner of the Sun Sentinel Top Workplaces Awards in both 2017 and 2018.

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