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MedPro International Explorer Q&A – Leniza, Medical Technologist | California

Talk a little bit about your native country and your family. What was it like growing up there?

“I am from San Miguel, Bulacan, Philippines. My town is known for its sweet delicacies. I have been married for six years now to my ever-loving husband, Giovanni, and I have a daughter, Giane, who is sweet and charming. She currently lives with her grandparents, Dolores and Camilo, but should be joining us this year in the United States. I am also the oldest of three siblings, including my brothers Jay and Yam.”


What does a typical day of work look like for you and what are your duties?

“I am always so excited to go to work. It is a great and exciting feeling for me. I have many different tasks and work with all kinds of machines in the Molecular Infectious Disease Department. I work in different PCR assays, including thousand of COVID-19 and SARSCOV PCR assays from all over the country! The clinical laboratory scientist plays a vital role during this pandemic and we work extremely hard in ensuring accuracy and confidence to help diagnose various diseases. I love my job and am passionate about my career path, but so are all of my colleagues as well. Kudos to them. This is a fulfilling profession and I take pride in servicing not only my company, but our clients and patients too. Albert Einstein said it best, ‘Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living’.”

Tell us about your journey so far and how you are adapting to the country. Any new skills or things you hope to achieve in the future?

“I am finally living my ‘American Dream’. I am in love with my assignment in California! Adapting to this country was actually not difficult for me. Orange County is a great place to live and its top tourist draws are that of its beaches and theme parks, like Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm, where you can find the best oranges in the country! I have learned to eat many new and different kinds of food now too. I love the weather here, especially at the beach. I hope to eventually live here for good, have a house and my daughter with us to build for the future.”


How important has The MedPro Experience been for you during your time in the United States?

“I could not make it here in the United States if not for MedPro International and God’s perfect timing. I am blessed beyond measure and living my dream. MedPro has really done well for me, from the beginning of my journey and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company continues to exceed my expectations, while maintaining a healthy and productive workforce. I am also quite grateful to have the always cheerful and fabulous Nancy Weeks as my journey guide. She is so dedicated and passionate in her craft. She is like family to me. Her guidance is so genuine, and I cannot thank her enough for all the support. I have never felt alone during my journey.”

Tell us about your 13in13 journey since coming aboard at MedPro International. What places have you been to? Are there any locations you are most looking forward to seeing?

“I have been to some of the best tourist destinations in the country. As the saying goes, ‘We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.’ I have been to big cities like San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco to outdoor experiences like Big Bear Mountain, where I experienced snow for the first time. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit places I only previously saw on television and in movies. It is nice to pause, relax, breathe, and take it all in after working so hard. When the pandemic is over, I hope to go to New York, Chicago, Washington, and Arizona, alongside my husband, Giovanni, and co-Explorers, Ram, Mark, Angie and Sarah.”


What have been some of the spotlights for you, places visited, food eaten? Any ‘culture-shock’ moments along the way?

“I have adapted well to the United States. Living here is so exciting! You deal with so many different people from many different countries and cultures. This country is so diverse, and it helps me grow, both personally and professionally. With so much diversity, it helps promote tolerance and understanding as to the many different ways and experiences people experience. I was able to expand my knowledge but understand that there is much more to learn and discover. Foodwise, this country has everything I could ask for, including traditional Filipino meals!”

What do you feel future MedPro International candidates need to know about the company?

“I highly recommend MedPro International, whether you are a medical technologist, registered nurse or either an occupational or physical therapist. We all share the drive to realize our ‘American Dream’ and MedPro can definitely help you make it come true. Aspire to join this company! You will never feel alone, from the beginning, all the way to arriving in the U.S., and I am living proof of that. The transition is smooth because they are there for you, every step of the way. The company has the best people available to help train you and guide you to finding success in your chosen career.”



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