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MedPro International Explorer Spotlight: Verlyn, Med Tech (Arizona)

What tasks and duties typically make up a normal workday for you?

“My normal workday includes disinfecting our workplace and ensuring that everything is ready, like checking QCs, pending tests and all necessary documents. I also draw blood, run samples and troubleshoot machines. We are currently checking for tracing and recording data in regard to the current COVID-19 pandemic as well. Safety is always discussed in our daily huddles and in abiding to strict safety measures, it keeps us highly motivated.”

Tell us a little about home and your family.

“I am from Bukidnon, a landlocked province in the Northern Mindanao region in the Philippines. My homeland has many beautiful sights and breathtaking natural wonders. I lived there almost all my life, with my parents there, before moving to the U.S., with my five brothers and two sisters. I was not familiar with this part of the globe, which has so much to offer, because I grew up in such a small part of the world. Life comes equipped with many changes, sometimes inconveniences, on a contorted road dotted with bumps and craters, but it has propelled me to set goals and dream big. In this country, full of new opportunities, you have to go the extra mile and buckle down.”


How have you adapted to American culture and what are some of the major differences compared to your home country?

“I have found people in America to be so pleasant and welcoming. I have never felt uncomfortable. I love learning about new and different ethnicities and various heritages and languages. This country is so diverse. I have met people from all over the world. I have absolutely fallen in love with Navajo tacos and mutton stew with fry bread! Unfortunately, the pandemic has halted some activities that I would love to go do, but I am fortunate to have employment that allows us to improve our skills and competences to further my development and find success.”

What other things have you learned, any new skills or things you want to achieve in the future?

“I know many people who would love to live the ‘American Dream’. For me, I am so fortunate and blessed in knowing that I am here and able to work in the United States. The whirlwind of emotions and feelings always circle my mind. You get to see people from so many different parts of the world, all living together, in one country. My transition was easy, and I have been to and seen places that I had previously only seen in movies. I have learned a lot along my journey and have found it to be so rewarding. In the future, I aspire to advance my career, continue to grow in my field and pursue a master’s degree in med lab science. I believe in enhancing myself and feel that we should all take chances to do what we feel passionate about.”


Tell us about your 13in13 journey, what have been your favorite places to visit and are there any locations in your state that you would like to go to in the future?

“There is so much to see and do in the United States. I have finally gained the confidence to begin driving, which has brought me to places I could only dream about. Unfortunately, the pandemic has forced businesses, museums and establishments to close, but despite that, I have found time to go on hikes and partake in other outdoors-related activities. My state has numerous lakes, waterfalls and scenic parks of great beauty.”

Have you had the opportunity to see any other states or cities since you moved here?

“If you have an open mind and an adventurer’s spirit, each place you go in this country is worth your time. Part of the fun is in discovering new places and letting the journey take you. I have been to the ‘Four Corners’, a region of the Southwest U.S., which links Colorado, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. I have also been to Florida, Nevada, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois. I recently fulfilled a dream of mine in visiting New York as well. I got to see all the famous landmarks and ride the subway too. I would also love to eventually visit the cities of Seattle and New Orleans as well.”


How Important has the MedPro Experience been to you during your journey so far?

“MedPro International has played a vital role in my career, since I began this journey in the United States, all the way up to this very moment. The company maintains a healthy and productive workforce and if I ever have any questions, I get my answers. My personal journey guide, Charity Capistrano, has also been a huge part of my growth and development. I feel like I am never alone. She’s always there to back me up and making sure everything is in its right place for me. I have a great work-life balance, which I had never experienced before.”

What would you emphasize in encouraging future healthcare professionals to advance their careers, specifically with MedPro International?

“Moving across the Atlantic Ocean was, without a doubt, the best thing to ever happen to me. I joined the MedPro International family to achieve my goal of working the United States and the company has surpassed all my expectations. I am marvelously blessed. My future is promising. The staff is passionate about the work and they recognize the importance of linking only the most-dedicated professionals to the patients in need. Dreams without goals are just dreams. MedPro International is, by far, the finest and most committed in helping people reach their ‘American Dream’. They are the best!”


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