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MEDPRO INTERNATIONAL SPOTLIGHT: Julia Nguyen, BSN, RN, MedProU® Clinical Instructor

Julia Nguyen, born and raised in South Florida, joined MedPro International as a MedProU® Clinical Instructor in 2022. Her favorite part of her job is interacting with her colleagues and working to achieve a common goal. Julia came from a family of healthcare professionals and chose to follow the same path because she wanted to positively impact patients’ lives. Her interests outside of work include baking, learning new recipes, playing video games, and watching animated shows and musicals. Julia has a pet parakeet budgie name Sunnie. She loves meeting and interacting with Explorers and learning about their experiences and home countries.


Rapid Fire (Short Answers)

  1. If you could star in a musical, which would it be? Probably Hamilton. It’s one of my favorites!
  2. Who’s your ride or die? My two sisters! We do everything together!
  3. Worst job you ever had? I’ve enjoyed every job I’ve had.
  4. What’s your favorite decade and why? The 2000s is my favorite because I was a child in this decade and my best memories were around this time. Entertainment, specifically T.V. and music, were at their peak!
  5. What’s your most-used emoji? 🤗


Lightning Round (Pick One)

  1. Cruise or camping? Cruise
  2. Dress, jeans, or pajamas? Pajamas
  3. Britney, Rihanna, or Fergie? Britney
  4. Pizza, tacos, or sushi? Sushi
  5. Early bird or night owl? Night Owl
  6. One bird or a flock? Flock
  7. Apple or Microsoft? Microsoft
  8. Hot air balloon ride or skydiving? Hot Air Balloon
  9. Instagram or TikTok? TikTok
  10. Shrek, Toy Story, or The Lion King? Shrek