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Introducing MedPro International’s Registered Nurse Program Enhancements

Exclusive New Pay Increase Package – Creating Your American Dream

Since 2006, MedPro International has led the way in helping foreign-educated healthcare professionals achieve a rewarding career in the U.S. and the opportunity to live their American Dream. MedPro is committed to driving and embracing change by continuously providing best-in-class enhancements and experiences to our programs for our healthcare professionals.


MedPro International is pleased to announce a new pay schedule & sign-on bonus moving forward for 2022.


MedPro International Registered Nurses will receive a minimum starting pay rate of $32 per hour. Raise schedules of $1 per hour will commence at 12, 18, and 30 months – reaching a minimum of $35 at 30 months.


MedPro International Registered Nurses will also receive an additional $5 per hour when they reach 6,000 productive work hours regardless of where they are in their contract term.


In addition, all MedPro International Registered Nurses are eligible for a sign-on bonus up to $7,000 paid out at the start of their U.S assignment. This is an overall pay package increase worth up to 15% from our previous offerings.


As MedPro International continues to set the standard for foreign-educated healthcare professionals, we believe these program enhancements will significantly benefit those embarking on their American Dream. Whether it is purchasing a car, new apartment furnishings, or bringing family members and loved ones to make their new life in America even more rewarding, these increases will significantly ease those financial costs.


Registered Nurses now is the time to APPLY and let MedPro International assist you in achieving your American Dream. Embassies are open, visa processing and prioritization is moving forward, and immigration trends remain positive.


What Our MedPro International Team is Saying

MedPro International is led by Executive Vice President of International Operations, Patty Jeffrey. Patty possesses over 30 years of healthcare industry experience and is recognized as an industry leader in international healthcare recruitment. She started her career as a staff nurse and advanced through various leadership roles. Patty is currently President and active board member for the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment (AAIHR) – where her priority is addressing the U.S. nursing crisis to the legislators and State Department in Washington, D.C. and leading the charge for change.  Patty states, “MedPro International is thrilled to introduce these exciting updates to kick-off 2022. The timing couldn’t be better with U.S. embassies resuming healthcare professional interviews in record numbers. Now is the time to pursue your American Dream with MedPro International.”


Jennifer Rogenski, Senior Manager International Operations shares, “In addition to the pay rate increase we are rolling out a new bonus program. We wanted you to receive this bonus immediately when you arrive in the US and start your first assignment. Here at MedPro we will never stop striving to take care of you. Join our team today!”




Anna Carbonell, Team Lead for International Recruitment states,At MedPro we value the opportunity to always learn and grow. This year we took your feedback and put it into action with a new and exciting higher salary and increase schedule! 2022 is your year to succeed and grow with MedPro!




What Our Explorers Are Saying

“I am grateful that MedPro International continuously recognizes its Explorers through program enhancements. The recently announced pay increase will surely drive each one of us to do better in our respective fields especially during these challenging times. Certainly, the market has always been dynamic and I am glad that MedPro International remains competitive to be on top of the game,” states Thirdie Roaquin, RN from the Philippines.




Donovan Cacho, RN from Belize explains, “This pay increase supports not only the Explorers, but the families. This equates to family first!”





“The MedPro pay package increase will be super helpful to fulfill my lifelong dream of being a nurse anesthetist,” shares Philippines RN Joel Abrahan.




The MedPro International Process

We recognize the commitment and dedication these healthcare professionals take and are with them every step of the way by investing both personally and professionally in their success. We have successfully placed more foreign-educated healthcare professionals than any other company in our industry. Our expert team will take care of all aspects of immigration, licensing, credentialing, testing, training, and education to ensure a successful journey to the U.S. Through our vast network of clients, MedPro International is proud to offer exciting opportunities across the U.S. with our 3-year employment agreement.


Before deploying to a U.S. assignment location, MedPro International will provide transportation to our corporate offices in Sunrise, Florida for MedProU® Orientation. During orientation, our Explorers will meet the U.S. MedPro International team members they’ve interacted with before departing to the U.S. We will provide complimentary housing and transportation while at our corporate offices.


MedProU® provides comprehensive clinical and U.S. assimilation training to ensure our Explorers are prepared to assimilate to their new facility and community. MedProU will also assist in driving lessons, financial planning, practical life skills, housing selection criteria, lease negotiation skills, childcare selection standards, and more. Our Relocation Department will provide housing options, schools, places of worship, banks, grocery stores, and any other community resources.


Once an Explorer arrives in the U.S., a dedicated Personal Journey Guide will be here to support them every step of the way. They will maintain regular contact and ensure our Explorers are acclimating well to their new community and job facility. The Personal Journey Guide will also discuss and document long-term personal and career goals. These plans will ultimately help MedPro provide the most rewarding opportunities and advancements for our Explorers.


MedPro International is a Joint Commission-certified and leading provider of healthcare contract staffing services to facilities across the U.S. To find out more, APPLY NOW or call us, at (800) 886-8108.