On behalf of my team, I would like to personally welcome you to the all-new MedPro International. We are an industry leader in the international recruitment, training, and placement of foreign-educated healthcare professionals.

We’ve listened to your feedback over the years and decided it was time for change. We’ve introduced new, highly-specialized programs, new team members, exciting orientation opportunities, policy changes, and a fresh new look.

However, one thing has remained: Our dedication to helping you bring your American Dream to life.

Patty Jeffrey, Vice President International Operations


Liz Tonkin

Chief Executive Officer

Frank Forbes

Chief Financial Officer

Fred Jeffrey

Chief Information Officer

Patty Jeffrey

Vice President International Operations

James Ireland

Vice President, Domestic Staffing

Rosemarie Aznavorian

Vice President of Client Services, Chief Clinical Officer

Management Team

Grace Valenzuela

Manager of Operations and U.S. Recruitment

Jennifer Belyeu

Senior Manager International Operations

Recruitment Team

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Nurse Liaison

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Recruitment Officer

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Recruitment Guide

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Recruitment Guide

Current Explorers
Team Member Spotlight

Grace Valenzuela, Manager of Operations and U.S. Recruitment

For over 20 years, Grace Valenzuela, has been serving the healthcare industry. Hailing from Manila, Philippines, she holds a B.S. in Respiratory Therapy and is continuously amazed at just how hard foreign-educated nurses, medical technologists and both physical and occupational therapists, work in achieving their ‘American Dream’.

“The most-rewarding aspect for me is knowing that I play a part in their success,” said Valenzuela. “I have met so many different people and have had a great chance to learn their life stories as well. All of the interesting people motivates me to be better in all that I do.”

A typical day for Valenzuela includes numerous conversations with many different ‘Explorers’ in providing clarification and guidance. The process, though lengthy, becomes easier when options are clearly presented and candidates have a primary contact when encountering an issue. Her duties aren’t just relegated to conversations with candidates though, as the Philippines team is consistently strategizing and planning in best practices when it comes to providing the best service possible.

As Valenzuela guides candidates, she preaches to them that they are not just garnering the ‘American Dream’ for themselves, but also for their respective families. Candidates can rest assured, however, that all MedPro International employees are readily available to make each step toward making it to the U.S., an easy one.

“We want our ‘Explorers’ to know that the operations at MedPro International, in the U.S. and Philippines, are offered around-the-clock,” Valenzuela said. “Our teams are ready to guide them through the entire process.”



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