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The MedPro International Difference

MedPro International offers many different paths to success.

We have successfully placed more foreign-educated healthcare professionals than any other company in our industry. Our extensive network of nationwide clients gives us the flexibility to offer a variety of assignment options in various settings all across the U.S. to help bring your American Dream to life!

MedProU® provides comprehensive training to help you achieve your goals.

Our proprietary education system, MedProU®, has generated the highest pass rates in the industry! MedProU® will prepare you for licensure and English exams, and provide comprehensive clinical and U.S. assimilation training to prepare you for a successful career and rewarding life in the U.S.

The MedPro Experience® provides exclusive rewards to acknowledge your accomplishments.

Our employee engagement program, The MedPro Experience®, is the only one of its kind! The MedPro Experience® rewards your milestones and celebrates the unique individual that you are throughout your entire journey with MedPro. We will be here to take care of you, so you can provide the best care for your patients.

About Us

MedPro International is the industry leader in the international recruitment, training, and staffing of foreign-educated healthcare professionals.

We believe every foreign-educated healthcare professional should have the opportunity to live their American Dream. For 34 years, MedPro has been committed to helping healthcare professionals achieve a rewarding career in the U.S. Our expert team will take care of all aspects of immigration, licensing, credentialing, testing, training, and education to ensure your successful journey to the U.S. Once you arrive in the U.S., you can trust that your Personal Journey Guide and the rest of our team will be here to support you every step of the way!

Meet The Team

Each of us have a dream. Together, we bring them to life.

We are a team of compassionate, dedicated, and enthusiastic individuals who work each day to help you be successful at life and work in the U.S. Each of us play a role in your journey and are committed to your success. Our team has successfully placed thousands of foreign-educated healthcare professionals in rewarding positions throughout the U.S. We are proud to have earned a 95% client satisfaction rating for our team’s integrity and a 93% overall satisfaction rating from our foreign-educated healthcare professionals.

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